Dive Queensland - Advancing Dive Tourism

DIVE Queensland - The Queensland Dive Tourism Association (Inc.) - is a non-profit, membership based, incorporated association committed to the promotion and development of the diving industry in Queensland and the advancement of diving, tourism and the tourism infrastructure surrounding it.

Dive Queensland Responsibilities:

Member of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Member of the Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators
Representive on the Dive Industry on Industry Boards and Committees
Proactive with Workplace Health & Safety
Actively involved in the Crown of Thorns Eradication program

Our Champions

Meet Our Team

  • President:
    Steve Moon; Projects Global
  • Vice President:
    Ian Mckinnon; Scuba World
  • Secretary:
    Amanda McCormack; Ambeau Sports $ Recreation
  • Treasurer/General Manager:
    Margie McKenzie; Gempearl Pty Ltd