About Us

Dive Queensland Mission Statement

Dive Queensland is a non-profit, membership based, incorporated association, committed to the promotion and development of the diving industry in Queensland and the advancement of diving, tourism and the infrastructure that supports it. This is achieved by:

  • Building destination awareness and raising the profile of our members through collaborative marketing programs and opportunities
  • Promoting sustainable growth in safe recreational diving and snorkelling in Queensland
  • Actively participate in the preservation and conservation of marine flora and fauna species and assist in the restoration of a marine environment compatible with this aim
  • Promoting diving safety through regulation and education – developing safe, skilled and knowledgeable divers
  • Working with and lobbying government departments in all areas affecting dive tourism throughout Queensland

About Dive Queensland

For over 20 years, Dive Queensland has been actively involved in the promotion of Dive Tourism throughout the State of Queensland. Membership is made up of many marine tourism operators and those businesses that support these operations from the south east corner to the Torres Straits. The Association represents a ‘’one stop shop’’ for all things associated with dive tourism.

We work in close collaboration with many entities to achieve the best possible outcomes for our members. The entities include but are not limited to:

  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

  • Department of Justice (Workplace Health and Safety)

  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority

  • Maritime Safety Queensland

  • Safe Work Australia

  • Australian Marine Conservation Society

  • Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators

  • Department of the Environment

  • Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, and

  • Queensland Tourism Industry Council

The objectives for which the Association was established are:

  • To promote and advance the interests Dive Tourism in Queensland.

  • To establish, publish and maintain a set of uniform safety standards and code of ethics to be practiced and observed by members of the Association.

  • Take concerted action as one body in any manner affecting the interests of members and, without limiting the application of this clause, to appear and/or prepare submissions to, or for presentation before any body, tribunal, department or government.

  • Establish, implement and maintain, so far as the law allows, reputable standards in the Dive Tourism Industry as a means of fostering goodwill between members, and to improve the standing of the industry in the public interest.

  • Foster the development of the Tourist Industry in Queensland and particularly in relation to the Dive Tourism Industry.

  • Improve the quality, safety and availability of amenities for the provision of dive tourism services to the public.

  • Co-operate, affiliate or act in concert with any association, company or person where such co-operation, affiliation or action will, or is calculated to, assist in, or facilitate, the fulfilment of the object a of the Association.

  • Do all such things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Association provided that any action taken by the Association does not contravene legislation whether State or Federal.

Our Achievements

  • Development and production of high quality dedicated Dive Queensland brochure for local, regional, national and international distribution.

  • Representation and brochure distribution at international trade shows including:

    • Malaysia International Dive Expo

    • Asia Dive Expo

    • Thailand Dive Expo

    • DRT Hong Kong

    • Australian Tourism Exchange

  • Ongoing provision of media representation on behalf of members in times of need

  • Ongoing provision of representation in relation to industrial awards and enterprise agreements

  • Ongoing representation on numerous boards and committees to express the views and/or concerns of members

  • Ongoing provision of compliance assistance and advice

  • Ongoing support of the Crown of Thorns Starfish Control Program