Member Benefits


Join Dive Queensland

Dive Queensland is the leading body representing the Queensland dive industry to its international and domestic markets.  With thirty members and growing, we will collectively advance Queensland as a ‘must experience’ dive destination.

Dive Queensland raises funding through organised collaboration between not only dive operators but with the industry’s suppliers, government and local councils. These resources are used to:

Coordinate trade show missions both internationally and domestically.

Take advantage of collective advertising opportunities

E-marketing strategies

Your membership allows the dive industry to grow and prosper, we welcome you to join our community and enjoy the benefits.


  1. Utilise funding not available to individual operators.
  2. Invitation to participate in trade shows. A anger of representation options available to suit individual operator.
  3. Dive show cooperative promotions
  4. Dive Show partnership with GBRMPA (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority).
  5. Social media content shared through Dive Queensland channels.
  6. Option to utilise Dive Queensland logo on marketing collateral.
  7. Participate in the member discount program – All members receive discounts offered by industry members.
  8. Representation by AMPTO (Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators).
  9. Invitation to industry events.
  10. Quarterly eNewsletter
  11. Representation to Government of work Visas
  12. Be part of the dive community


To become a member of Dive Queensland, download the Membership Application Form and email to