Day Trips

The Great Barrier Reef is an ideal location for trips to the reef. Some of the most exotic and rare diving and snorkelling in the world are a short distance from the city of Cairns, courtesy of dozens of reef tour companies. This exotic playground twice the size of Tasmania is waiting to be explored.

A day trip to the Great Barrier Reef is a holiday you won’t forget. Beautiful reefs, exotic fish, clear warm water and the hot sun combine to make a glorious experience. Whether you are interested in deep-sea diving among giant wrasse, or paddling in shallow water surrounded by tiny fish on the edge of a sandy cay, the Great Barrier Reef is a place you must visit.

Day trips offer a great choice for the diver or snorkeller who is short on time. A lot of day trips visit the magical inner Great Barrier Reef, heading off to places like Green Island, Michaelmas Cay, Fitzroy Island, and reefs in close proximity to these places.

Some tie up to a mooring (permanent place marked by marine parks so that anchors are not used) and some vessels commute to huge pontoons/platforms permanently placed on the outer edge of the reef, and offer a huge variety of options to view the reef, especially good for the non-water person.

The average day trip departs the marina at approx 8.00am, returning at approx 5.00pm. They can include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.  Some operators include basic equipment and some include the whole kit.

Diving can be enjoyed by everyone in a day trip whether you’re a certified diver or a new visitor to the underwater world. Extras can be purchased such as Introductory Dives, Snorkeling Tours, Semi-submersible rides and Glass-bottom boat rides. However, a lot of Day trips cater for those who wish to do a combined snorkel/dive package.

Recommended 'Day Trip' Operators

In Alphabetical Order

ABC Dive & Snorkel Port Douglas


Adrenalin Dive


Brisbane Dive Academy


Cairns Dive Centre


Cruise Whitsundays


Divers Den


Gold Coast Dive Adventures


Ocean Free/Ocean Freedom


Passions of Paradise III



Yongala Dive


If Day Trips is not your preferred option, Try Live-Aboards